The fact is that, at some point, my mom was a waitress at some fancy restaurants and I guess that’s the earliest wine-related thing I remember. I guess she had a pretty good background in wine before this since my grandparents were super fancy schmancy but this is the point that I remember her really diving into all of the specifics of it including the smells, the pairings, and the flavors.

At some point she got this wine book and kit and, although I never read it, it had little scent vials and you better believe that I would smell them whenever my parents were out of the house since it was never really specified whether or not I could. All my life I had heard that smelling coffee in between perfumes helps you cleanse your nasal palate and so, whenever I was alone, I would sit there with the wine kit and the instant coffee can. Cute, right?

My first experience with actually trying wine must have been at some Christmas or another. Before college, the only alcohol I had ever had was a little wine, beer, and whatever alcohol the Mexican drink, rompope, has. I decided beer was “eh” so when I was looking at courses the summer before my freshman year, I envisioned myself taking this course when I would be all grown up and finally have a horizontal license.

Although I’ve had wine a few times (Christmas, New Year’s, and celebrations in general) since I came to college, I’ve generally found it all good and have never really paid attention to any detail of it (other than white vs. red) but I would like to. Because of this, I can’t really say I have any idea of what my tastes are. By the end of this course, I would like to be able to pick out a good bottle of wine so I can finally give hosts of parties a gift they’ll actually appreciate. My parents also recently moved to California so I’m super excited to convince them to go to a winery with me and then show them the wonderful things their tuition payments are going towards.

As an additional note, I’m super excited to have this blog to look at in the future since I love blogging although, I must say, I wish we could have used tumblr as a platform because they have much cuter themes.


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