Tasting- Yellow Tail Red Moscato Bubbles


Name: Yellow Tail Red Moscato Bubbles

Variety: 100% Moscato

Region: N/A

Country: Australia

Year: non-vintage

Price: $10

Shop’s Notes: With a gorgeous deep pink hue, this is a wine that offers scrumptious aromas of lifted tropical fruits, ripe fresh strawberries with black currant and raspberry texture. Its flavor is a vibrant Moscato, with fresh forest fruits and strawberries and a nice dose of sweetness. -The Vintage Cellar

My Notes: Pretty sure this is the wine I want to be having every day. Wasn’t too sure about the bubbly part since I haven’t had any carbonated beverage since middle or high school but it was a good choice. You could see how bubbly it was just from pouring and swirling it but it was also very fizzy upon drinking. I found the smell to be earthy with some berry aspects to it. The dominant taste was clearly strawberries but definitely some tones of other berries. I wouldn’t say I’m a “berry-person” since I usually prefer tropical tastes but I loved this wine more than any other.

I did not have this with food.


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