Tasting- Indwe Pinotage


Name: Indwe Pinotage

Variety: 100% Pinotage

Region: n/a

Country: South Africa

Year: 2013

Price: $12

Critic Notes: “A disclaimer: I have never cared much for Pinotage, the indigenous South African grape variety, but this 2013 Pinotage from Indwe, named after the country’s national bird, the blue crane, comes across like a light Pinot Noir. Subtle notes of cherries, spice and forest floor are followed by a round, light to medium-bodied, pure, seductive, well-crafted wine.” Drink now-2016. -Robert Parker

My Notes: I kind of want to go to a class where they isolate each aroma because I got a foody smell again but I still don’t know what it is. It’s unpleasant and after the quizzes this week, it’s got me thinking that it just might be toe fungus. Just kidding. Maybe. I didn’t like this wine at all. The taste was earthy, tart, and acidic. It was also a little “groundy” like the Purple Paws wines from week 1. Would not drink again.

I did not have this with food.


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